Removals Stains Carpet

Removals Stains Carpet

How to remove many Stains – Removals Stains Carpet.

Removing Stains from carpet is not easy, we are able
to remove many different stains off your carpet. Sometimes’
is just easier to pay us and have them removed or patching it.
Please be sure that we need to charge for this extra service.
We are able to remove paint, rust, colored stains off carpet’s but
it all depends how long they have been on carpet.


Carpet Stains Removals

A stain is a discoloration that can be clearly distinguished from the surface, material, or medium it is found upon. Stains are caused by the chemical or physical interaction of two dissimilar materials.
To discolor, soil, or spot, A discolored or soiled spot or smudge.

Removals Stains Carpet

We can remove dark stain or spots from your carpet with our normal everyday chemical.
Any colored stain blue, green, red will need to charge extra fee, sometimes they do come out and sometimes they don’t come out – if you are lucky they will come out with our special chemical and special techniques.

Paint Stains:
Please don’t touch them, just leave it how they are, if you smear it in the carpet fibers then there is no cure. If you leave it how it is then maybe I can remove it at extra costs.

Coffee Stains:
Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t come out.

Vomit, Pet Urine, Dog Poop:
Can remove them with our special chemicals, we will do our best and all stain removals are at extra costs except dark stains.

We can remove Ink stains.

Food stains and oils stains:
Usually these are impossible to take out specially if your carpet has yellow like gold spots.

Kool – aid red spots:
Sometimes they do come out!

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