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Services by professionals

Services by professionals

We offer many services not just carpet cleaning, we have
people who can paint or maid cleaners – if we don’t have
it we make a recommendation or referral, we know
many other small companies in Northern VA who do
great jobs, Please look and see if we can do the job
for you, Services by professionals

We Vacuum The Carpet while Steam Cleaning
Our Machines contain 2 or 3 Stage Vacuums and while doing the job we are also doing the Vacuuming.
Vacuum during the Steam Cleaning – The process is done while doing the job so eliminates time to complete the job.

We also clean Hardwood Floors and make them shine
We do offer wood cleaning services, we use only commercial cleaners which are safe for your floors and give you protection and also makes them shine and clean. Wood Floor Care Services.

We Clean and also Install Wood Floors/Tile and Grout
We also Install Wood Floors for your home or business, please ask us about this services and also quote. Survey is required to give you a quote for Wood Installatio

Tips on Drying Time, Pet Treatments, Flea Treatments, Stain Removals, Odor Removal
We offer extra services for your home/office at extra costs.

  • Tips and Tricks of the Trade
  • Always open doors or windows or use portable fans after cleaning
  • We accept many different type of payments including online
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Deep cleaning services
  • Commercial machines and chemicals
  • We provide all tools, machines and chemicals
  • We do all the work for you
  • Enjoy a more clean home
  • Services by professionals