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Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning services consist of steam carpet cleaning – hot water extraction by shampooing the carpet and vacuum, we take the time and knowledge to leave your carpet spotless cleaned when we are done. We normally charge $35 a room, we also count one set of stairs like a room and one hallway as a room, when you order more than 7 rooms then we can give you a discount and if more than 10 rooms more discount – it all depends on how many rooms you want to get cleaned. Also we have a 3 room minimum for all jobs and $85 minimum on any type of jobs, we are not able to do any jobs for less than $85.00.

Hardwood Installation – Floor Replacing – Floor Renovations Free Estimates – Free Quotes. We will provide you with a free estimate over the phone – all depends if we are providing all materials plus all square footage. You will need to describe square footage and all 100% description of job so we can give you a quote.Floor Rejuvenation Rejuvenate your floors with a new floor- your family and you will love it, it is Worth It. Floor replacement – floor installed – cheap prices simply the best and professional – we mostly charge by the square footage and description of job. Contact us for a quote.

Tile & Grout Installations & Cleaning Tile Installations, We are here to install your next new tile flooring. Contact Us Today We will install a new Tile flooring for you – we charge by the square footage and job description – so just talk to us and explain what you need and we will give you a free quote.Tile Cleaning We clean Tiles and Grout – we also charge by the square footage – we remove grease hard strong stains off grout and tiles Call us – Text us or Email us!.

 Do you also need Carpet Installation or Repair?

Yes We also provide this great service – we install carpet’s on home or office Professional Carpet Installation Services, You contact us – you explain the scope of the work needed – give us all the details and we might be able to give you a quote over the phone, text or email, we are charging by the square footage, or if you need us to do a survey we can also do that – we can set up a time and date to go and see you and measure the area’s. let us know if you need carpet installation services.

Carpet Cleaning

Maids (Services)

Maids Services?

  • Maids Services – we have maids available to clean your home – dusting, bathroom, Walls, Floors, Vacuum, Windows, deep house cleaning, maids services. Contact us if you need this service.

  • Painting?
  • Interior or exterior painting for you home – yes we have personnel who can do that for you at a very cheap and low priced – professional paintings for your home or office, just relax and let us do the work for you – enjoy the day with your family while job is getting done by professionals.

    • Interior Home Remodeling?

      Remodeling your Home or Office

      We have laborers who can assist you with remodeling your home or office, let us know if you need home remodelation services, we will assist you with great services – contact us if you need this.

      • Exterior Home Remodeling?

        Exterior Remodeling services – we can paint and fix outside of your house, we can build or extend your home – build custom wall fictures, windows, and more….

        Pressure Washing
      • Pressure washing your exterior walls from your home, cement stairs, decks and more….
      • Read more about hardwood floor installation at wikipedia.