Carpet Cleaning DMV

Carpet Cleaning DMV

Carpet Cleaning DMV – Our main service is steam carpet cleaning for your home or office. We offer services for commercial and residential homes. Been in business since the year 2000. Professional’s that take our time to complete each and every job. The best when it comes to cleaning your home.

Before the cleaning starts please move all furniture or items that would get in the way when we do the carpet cleaning. Toys, clothing, shoes, chairs, socks, or whatever that gets in the way. This way we go there and clean it good for you without any distractions. Vacuum carpet if needed; this way we do a better cleaning job for you! we clean with steam clean which is hot extractor water – machines have a heater to heat up the water and a pump to pump out the water with a wand or any other cleaning tool.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

While steam cleaning with chemicals; the machine also has vacuums that sucks up most of the water and chemical. Hot water extraction is what makes the dirt extracted and a cleaned carpet. The chemicals we use are not harmful for your health so don’t worry about that. Carpet Cleaning DMV VA DC MD services.

The best way to contact us is through our online contact form. The second method is text on our phone and lastly is voice call. Please leave a detailed message with your contact info so we can get back to you. If you have a private number please leave your number so we can reach you.

Carpet Cleaning Drying Time

Drying info:

Sometimes depending on humidity it takes longer and quicker to dry – this all depends on your home ventilation. Some homes take longer to dry or depending what type of carpet you own. Berber carpet takes longer to dry. Please have some fans ready – portable or ceiling fans, after job has been completed please turn all fans on so it dries faster and open windows as needed.

Whatever you do please don’t walk on clean damp carpet with dirty shoes, this is a no no. Walk with clean slippers or sandals or shoes, please be very careful on hardwood floors and stairs when carpet is damp or wet, hardwood floors get real slippery and we don’t want anyone falling, so be careful. If you open the windows and fans it will be dry in less than 2 hours, if not it will take longer about 5-6 hours depending ventilation.

Pet Stain Removals Carpet

Pet stain removals, yes that yellow or orange urine stain, Yes I can remove them if they are resent stains on your carpet, more than 6 months I think I can’t remove but shorter time yes. This is a special pet urine chemical and procedure and requires more work and time and chemical. I can guarantee your stains will be gone by the end of the day, yes this is how this chemical works. No more yellow or urine stains on your carpet, cheaper to clean than replaced.

Carpet Cleaning DMV pet urine odor removal, yes I can remove that foul odor, this is because your pet has done it to your carpet, sometimes is better to replace carpet and padding. We can eliminate the odor with pet treatment or we can replace your carpet or padding, ask for quote and rates! I would recommend to change it because we will be 100% sure the issue will be fixed.

Removal of Stains Carpet

We are able to remove red stain off your carpet, this could be a juice like kool aid but requires a different chemicals and different procedure and a different price and quote.

Deep rotary scrubbing available – this is used only if your carpet is real dirty, I mean real dirty, that you think it has no life, different quote added to the steam carpet cleaning. The procedure is with different chemical’s which is a shampoo, a machine that spins around with a bonnet or brush.

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