Local Carpet Cleaning

Local Carpet Cleaning

Local Carpet Cleaning, Cleaning carpet for home’s or business place. Commercial and residential steam carpet cleaning professionals. Upholstery cleaning services Sofa’s, Recliner’s, Sectional’s, Ottoman, Futons and a lot more.

How much does a new sofa or just any upholstery cost? A lot right? Wouldn’t it be better having it professionally cleaned and maybe it would last you another 1-3 years. Do you have the money to buy a new one today? Well, if not then let us clean your existing one’s today.

What about the carpet? How much is it to replace it? Yes, kind of expensive I know. With our pro. cleaning; I guarantee you that you will save some money and will last a lot longer. Steam carpet cleaning is a very good effective process.

How is it done? The water gets hot steamed and then we spray it and vacuum the carpet at the same time. It sprays the necessary chemicals and cleans it the same time. Then we go at it one more time to make sure it is super clean and suck up the water more.

This is how steam cleaning works for both product of service. Drying is a little bit tricky so be prepared. Get some small fans from the store or hopefully you have some there. When the job is done just rotate them around and your carpet or upholstery will dry up quick.

Contact us today to have your carpet’s or upholstery cleaned in VA DC MD.

We also do offer other great services that will help out with your household cleaning, please browse our website to see more.