NOVA Carpet Cleaning

NOVA Carpet Cleaning

NOVA Carpet Cleaning – Professional steam carpets cleaned Northern VA including Lorton and Woodbridge.

Carpet Cleaning is very healthy for your full family or friends – dirty carpets is bad for your health. Carpet cleaning will help you and your family stay healthy and less money to the doctors. Many allergies come from a dirty carpet. How many times in a year can we clean our carpet’s? is recommended that you clean your carpet’s every 6 months! We accept all forms of payments – debit, credit cards, PayPal, personal or business checks – and CASH! We use many different methods to bring you the best cleaning solution for your carpet or any hard floors.

A Clean Carpet is Worth It!

You and your kids and the entire family will love us! why?We will bring you the BEST service and provide you with professionally cleaned carpets. Carpets, rugs, upholstery, hardwood and tile grout cleaners in Virginia. You will get a free professional quote over the phone or through email, remember this is just a approximately estimate over the phone, prices are subject to change.

Cleaning carpets is our specialty – we have been in business for a long time – we guarantee that your carpets will be cleaned professionally and dry up quickly, we use commercial cleaning chemicals and machines, no job too small or big, NOVA Carpet Cleaning.

Rotary Deep Scrubbing:
Floor machines are real good for deep scrubbing a carpet. Rotary Deep Scrubbing collects human and dog or cat’s hair and removes off the carpet. Rotary Deep scrubbing can be very time consuming, back breaker, but at the end it brings super duper clean carpet’s. Deep Scrubbing is available and costs extra fee’s. If you have hair and a very smelly and dirty carpet – please ask for deep scrubbing. Mainly, Deep scrubbing is only used if you think the carpet needs to be replaced and you think there is no more life for it – think again – it can come back to life with our deep scrubbing services.

Upholstery Cleaning Services – Yes we clean all types of sofas including microfiber material and even futons.

Affordable Rates

We have the best affordable prices and low compared to other companies, but our cleaning method and outcome are far more better then your local company. please call us or even text us or email us!!! Please remember – stairs and hallways counts as a room or area. Pet urine stain removals, odors, colored stains – other services – extra costs. Prices for tiles and grout cleaning or hardwood – contact us!

NOVA Carpet Cleaning – Contact us today for a free quote.

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